2-Year SquareTrade Warranty plus Accident Protection for Kindle Fire, US


2-Year SquareTrade Warranty plus Accident Protection for Kindle Fire, US customers only


2-Year SquareTrade Warranty plus Accident Protection for Kindle Fire, US customers only
Price : $44.99

Customer Reviews

As with all warranties, make sure that you read the fine print as soon as you get it. If you don't think it's worth it, cancel it. You can cancel this warranty in the first 90 days for a full refund (provided you haven't made any claims). You can also cancel any time after that and get a pro-rated refund based on how much time is left in your coverage period. This seems generous, so I'll give them kudos.
It will cover your "oopsies"... but only the main ones: like if you drop it, step on it, or drop it in the pool/bathtub/sink/toilet. So that last one probably isn't common (I hope), but you get where I'm going with the dropping-in-water concept.
Since you can't see much else besides what they write on this page, I'll highlight a few points that you might want to consider. If you read the fine print, you'll see that you're up a creek without a paddle if it's fried due to things like rain (or anything else that could be classified as "exposure to weather conditions"), battery leakage, or problems with electrical or power supply (like a power surge during a storm). These "oopsies" aren't covered at all. And then there's the vague, catch-all clause that excludes coverage for any "act of nature or any other peril originating from outside the product." If you think that this language can apply to a lot of different situations, you've pretty much hit the nail on the head. Also, if there is cosmetic damage but the product still works, they won't replace the product. As with most warranties, if you alter your Fire (i.e. root it), the warranty is void entirely -- seems very reasonable to me. So if this is in your plans, don't even bother purchasing the warranty.
Now, as an accident-prone klutz, the main "oopsies" are entirely within the realm of possibility for me. In fact, they're within the realm of possibility for just about anyone. If you have any doubts about the damage that dropping your Fire might do, take a few minutes to search the drop test that someone did with it. The results are not pretty! So in the long run, this is completely worth it based on the reality of everyday accidents.
My main beef has been customer service. I've been on the horn with Square Trade five times since I received my Fire (just two weeks), and I wouldn't be surprised if there are more calls in the future.
The first issue I had was with binding the warranty to my Fire. I pre-ordered two Fires, and after receiving them, my Amazon account kept showing that there was an error connecting one of the warranties to one of my Fires. Call 1 to Square Trade: I was told that while my warranty number was in the system, they had not yet received the serial number for that specific device. They did have the serial to my other Fire which was correctly bound to the corresponding warranty. The representative told me to wait several days for them to get the serial number and that the problem would resolve itself. Three days go by, problem persists. Call 2 to Square Trade: I was told to turn on and register my Fire. Didn't really make sense to me since it was already registered to my account, but whatever, I'll go through the motions. The next call really ticked me off and sparked my distaste for the company.
Call 3 to Square Trade: I was told that my Fire wasn't eligible for coverage. Alright, dudes, I pre-ordered the device and have had it in my hands for only four days. I ordered the warranty in October, a month before the device was released. You sent me an email telling me that my coverage had begun. What do you mean ineligible? Even if that was the case, shouldn't that have been the first thing you told me before you charged my credit card? Anyway, the representative was obviously disinterested and unwilling to discuss this issue with me. He asked me if I'd read the warranty and saw anything that would prevent my device from being eligible for coverage. I told him that yes, I had read it and that as a lawyer, I would have definitely picked up on anything that disqualified me. His response: well, our system says it's ineligible. Nothing else. I had to press it by saying that wasn't going to work and that something needed to be done to resolve the issue. Eventually, they simply told me to call Amazon.
So I called Amazon (whose representatives were rockin' and uber-helpful), and they pulled all strings possible. Amazon managed to link the warranty to the device on their end; however, it still didn't reflect as much on my account page. Soooooo, I put in Call 4 to Square Trade. Finally, I was connected with a representative who knew what he was doing and had the device and warranty bound relatively quickly. Knowing the problems that I'd encountered, I requested that he mail a copy of each of my warranties citing the serial and warranty numbers to my home just to ensure that I had a backup.
Contrary to my request, I received a generic copy of the basic warranty without serial or warranty numbers included. Furthermore, it listed the start date of my warranty as the date that I purchased the warranty (October), making my coverage term October 2011 - October 2013. Square Trade ensured to all pre-order customers that start dates for Kindle Fires would begin on the date that the devices were received (mid-November); they had chipped a month of coverage off of each of my devices. This contradicted an email that I had received from them when my Fires were originally shipped which stated my coverage dates were November 21, 2011 - November 21, 2013.
So Call 5 to Square Trade last night: I requested mailed specific copies of the warranties (again) and had them change the start dates on both devices. I am glad to report that the representative was VERY friendly and helpful. She changed the start date for my personal Fire to the date that I received the device and the date for the Fire that I'm giving as a gift to the date that I'm giving it. She didn't give me any problems at all in changing the start dates, but that isn't a slip-up that should have been made in the first place. Reading other reviews, I don't seem to be the only person to have experienced this problem. I wonder how many people haven't realized that their warranties will be ending 1+ month earlier than originally promised by the company.
Since Call 5 was made last night, so no word yet as to whether or not I will receive the paper copies that I actually requested.
UPDATE: The paper copies I requested in Call 5 were NOT delivered. First of all, they only mailed me one of them, and that copy still didn't have the serial number and the warranty number listed. Priya from Square Trade, who commented on this review, was finally able to resolve the issue and sent the exact information I had requested via Fed Ex. Thank you, Priya!
Customer service has left a LOT to be desired. However, I've still gotta say that this was a wise purchase. Again, it covers more than what you would be getting otherwise. And it's reasonably priced, which is usually the case based on what I've seen and previously purchased from Square Trade.
Just be sure to:
a) take good care of your device since the added coverage is limited (albeit better than the basic, Amazon-provided warranty),
b) read the fine print within the first 90 days to make sure this is acceptable to you (as should be done with all warranties), and
c) play hard-ball with customer service and follow up to ensure that your requests/inquiries are satisfied.

Many consumers do not know this, but many charge card issuers such as Discover, Visa and Master Card have an extended/replacement warranty policy for just about any items manufactured with a USA warranty. This coverage is totally FREE. The only requirements are is that you purchase the item on the specific card that has this coverage AND the entire purchase must be made on the card as one transaction. These card issuers will at least match the original manufactuers warranty exactly as stated by the manufacturer. For example,if the original manufacturers warranty is one year parts and labor, then you will automaticlly receive another year of parts and labor coverage totally free. If the product breaks after the first year, the charge card company will either pay for the repair up to the price of the item OR they will either issue a complete cash refund or a credit on your charge card towards a new purchase. Diferent cards issuers have different refund policies. The only requirement is that you will have to retain proof of purchase such as your monthly charge card bill, and you will have to produce a written copy of the manufacturers original warranty. Not all Discover/ Visa/Master Card/American Express account holders have this extended/replacemnt warranty policy. You must contact the respective corporation that issued the card (NOT the bank that issued the card) and supply them with your account number(s). The representative will inform you as to whether or not you have this extended warranty policy coverage on your card or not. You will also be able to question the representative how to file a claim, what's covered and what's not covered, etc. The numbers for Visa , Master Card, and Discover Card to verify if your card has this policy are 1-800-VISA-911, 1-800-MC-ASSIST and 1-800-DISCOVER.
As a previous writer reported, the cost of this extended warranty is 25% of the cost of the item. In addition, you are only buying ONE additonal year because I believe the reader comes with a one year parts/labor warranty from the factory.
The last time I checked,I verified that I still have this coverage on my own charge cards. Of course, certain damage such as droppped off the desk, the dog ate it, etc. would not be covered UNLESS, I believe, the original manufactures warranty has these things written into their warranty. Hope everyone finds this information useful.

Product Description

From the Manufacturer
2 Years of Accident Coverage for your Kindle
The vast majority of Kindle failures occur because of accidents. With the 2-Year Warranty + Accident Protection for Kindle, you are protected starting from day one if breaks occur because of an accident, for example:
  • Your child knocks it off a table
  • The dog chews it
  • You drop it in water
  • It gets stepped on

In addition to accidents, the 2-Year Warranty also covers you from all electrical and mechanical breakdown for an extra 1 year after the standard one year manufacturer warranty ends. This includes battery replacement if the maximum charge falls below one-half of the original potential.
Your 2-Year Warranty Coverage Includes:
  • 3 replacements over the 2 year term, with no deductibles or fees
  • Hassle-Free 2-day shipping both ways

SquareTrade – The Best Warranty Around
In business since 1999, SquareTrade is the largest independent warranty provider and the only warranty consistently rated 5 stars by consumers. We have over 100,000 fans on Facebook and a 5-star rating on Google Review
The Most Awarded Warranty for Service: As rated by consumers across Amazon.com, ResellerRatings.com, and NexTag.com.
Why SquareTrade:
Easy Claims Filing
The claim process is painless - start by calling 866-374-9939, 6am to 10pm PST, 365 days a year.

Advanced Exchange
SquareTrade will ship a replacement Kindle to you (same or newer model depending on availability). You will also receive a pre-paid shipping label to send back the damaged Kindle to the fulfillment center. A valid credit card is required on file to do an advanced exchange. If you don't return the damaged Kindle within 30 days, you will be charged the price of the replacement device.
Hassle-Free Warranty
SquareTrade has designed the warranty with your needs in mind. They make it easy for you to:
Cancel Anytime: Within 90 days you may cancel for a full refund if you haven't claimed on your warranty. After that, you are reimbursed the unused part of your warranty - e.g., if you cancel your 2-year warranty after 12 months with no claims, you'll get 50% of your money back.
Transfer at No Cost: When your Kindle changes ownership or if you give it as a gift, just let us know and we will update the name on the warranty account.
Excellent Prices: You get 2 years of accident protection for your Kindle at a price that is about 40% less than what you would find at other similar retailers.
Other Things You Should Know
  • Upon purchase, you will get an email. This is your official confirmation of a purchase. A welcome kit will also be sent via mail (for pre-orders, we will send the Welcome Kit after your Kindle ships). So as to offer an efficient customer experience, SquareTrade may also contact you about your purchase by telephone.
  • Please read the terms and conditions from the link at the top of the page. There is also a link to an easy to understand Service Agreement Summary.
  • Start Date: Warranty lasts two years from Kindle ship date. Your warranty plan begins on the date your Kindle shipped (or when your Kindle ships for pre-ordered devices) and is inclusive of the manufacturer warranty period. For pre-ordered products or items that are delivered late, call SquareTrade to extend your warranty plan to the actual shipping date. If you have an issue and are covered by the manufacturer at that time, you'll be directed to the manufacturer first.
  • For toll free assistance please call 866-374-9939, 6am to 10pm PST, 365 days a year. An agent is always happy to assist you.

Product Details

  • Shipping Information: View shipping rates and policies
  • Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
  • ASIN: B0058WELD2
  • Item model number: B0058WELD2

Technical Details

  • Accidental damage coverage starts on day 1 and lasts for 2 years from your Kindle purchase date (for pre-orders, accidental damage coverage starts after your device ships)
  • Extends mechanical and electrical breakdown coverage to the 2nd year of ownership
  • NO DEDUCTIBLES or fees for any claims made on your Kindle
  • Make up to 3 claims during the term of your warranty
  • Available for Kindles purchased on Amazon.com or from offline retailers within the last 30 days
2-Year SquareTrade Warranty plus Accident Protection for Kindle Fire, US customers only

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