Amazon Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover, Black


Amazon Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover, Black


Amazon Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover, Black
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First of all, this cover is not nearly as bad as some of the reviews make it out to be. It doesn't feel like "cheap" plastic, nor does it feel like it's going to immediately disintegrate into a pile of rubbish. So let's start having a look at it in detail:
1) The back. Mine is very thin leather, formed around what appears to be a rubber-like shell. In my opinion, the leather on the back looks pretty good. It's tightly form-fitting, and form-fitted and bonded to the shell, so I can see where some casual users might mistake it for plastic. It is in my opinion, most definitely leather. Is it "quality" leather? Well, I suppose so, but it'd also have to be extremely thin quality leather.
2) The shell. The next layer would be what I call the form-fitting shell. It comprises the structure that makes up the back half of the cover. The kindle touch fits very tightly into this shell. It's certainly not going to fall out of there. In fact, it might not be all that easy to remove the kindle, it's so tightly snapped in. The shell tends to increase the bulk of the kindle a bit, which I actually like. It feels like it'll give me some shock/drop protection. Contrary to some other reviewers, I don't think it makes the kindle overly bulky. I think it gives a very thin device some much needed weight and substance.
3) The light. It's on a snap up arm on the top. There's no adjustment to it, it's either fully up or it's fully down. It gives off plenty of light to read my kindle in the dark. The light is at a fixed angle. It's slightly brighter at the top of the kindle than the bottom (it does after all, have to obey the laws of physics). The light is of course powered by the kindle's battery. That's your reason for buying this case and not some other case.
4) The front cover. It's made of the same thin leather as the back, with some hard material sandwiched inside, and then a felt-like inner layer. The front cover is extremely thin. It's not flimsy as other reviewers have claimed; it's actually quite stiff. However it's thin enough that it feels like you could snap or crease it if mishandled.
1) The cover looks good, fits good, and is compact. It's just the right size, and it's just the right weight. It feels like the cover is designed for the kindle. It doesn't feel like a sloppy poorly fitting aftermarket case. Your kindle and the case become one.
2) The light illuminates well, it lights up the whole surface of my kindle, making it easy to read.
3) It offers adequate protection. The rubber shell will protect from drops and shocks. The front cover, provided it stays closed, will protect the screen.
1) The light distracts me while I'm reading, particularly if I read while laying on my back in bed. I wish it had more of a glare shield. I might try fabricating something from a piece of black electrical tape, just to see what happens.
2) The light feels fragile. It articulates up and down, but does not articulate front to back. If you ever whacked it a good one front to back, you'd probably bust it off, at which point you'd have a non-lighted kindle cover.
3) The front cover has no means to stay closed. I wish it had magnets to give it a little extra staying power. My K2 cover had nothing to keep it closed either, so I don't feel slighted, but you'd think on the 4th generation someone would be able to figure out a way to stick some magnets in there.
4) The front cover is both stiff and thin. It feels like if I mishandled it that I could easily damage it. For example, tossing it into a briefcase or a bag and letting the cover get caught in just the wrong way could leave me with a big ugly crease. This wouldn't be so much a problem if there would have been something to keep it closed.
In short, I'm both impressed and disappointed in the quality. Impressed because it turned out to be much better than the reviews led me to believe. Disappointed because it's a very pricey case and I'd like the light and the front cover to be a little more hefty in design. I also really wish the light had a better glare shield. I deducted one star due to the perceived lack of durability and one star due to the lack of value for such a high price.

Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover, Saddle TanGiven previous reviews, I wasn't sure I was going to be happy with this product - but I couldn't be more pleased! The case arrived today. The fit is ... perfect. The unit is snug - without the distraction of elastic or exterior "holders". The light works brilliantly! It is comfortably bright, and covers the whole page. Better yet, it is always there and recharges with the Kindle. The leather is very smooth, over a rubberized/plastic gray case that matches the color of the Kindle. The stitching is FLAWLESS. The cover sits flush to the unit and is lined with a dark grey felt that also matches the color of the Kindle. It is so lightweight, I was amazed (probably because my K2 + case is considerably heavier!)
What this case is not, is a beautifully padded, high end, pebbled leather cover - although it does appear to be good quality smooth leather. Nor does it have a tab to keep the case closed (although I never secured the tab on my last cover, so that obviously is not a priority for me!) Further, given the snug fit, I don't doubt that getting the Kindle OUT of the case would be very difficult. If you like to change covers, and need to secure the cover as closed, you will not likely be happy with this product. However, for me, this cover meets my needs better than any other I've found so far.

Product Description

Color: Black
Amazon's Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover
Protect and Illuminate Your Kindle Touch
Our sleek, form-fitted leather cover was designed to be the perfect companion for Kindle Touch. The premium leather exterior looks and feels great, while the soft microfiber interior protects your device from scuffs and scratches. No matter where you take your Kindle Touch, you’ll never be without illumination thanks to the integrated reading light. Our innovative design allows the built-in LED light to draw its power from Kindle, so no batteries are required.
Never Be Without a Light
An integrated LED reading light lets you read comfortably anytime, anywhere. The high-quality LED light is designed specifically for Kindle's paper-like display, adding brightness without adding glare.
A permanent part of the cover, the reading light is located just above your Kindle Touch and is optimally positioned to provide an even light across the screen. When needed, simply flip the light out and it automatically illuminates, eliminating the need for a separate power switch. To turn the light off, just snap it back into place or close the cover. Since the light draws its power from Kindle, no batteries are needed.
How It Works
Our innovative cover interfaces seamlessly with your Kindle Touch, securing your device while providing easy access to the home button and power switch. Two small connectors draw power from the device to power the attached light.
Our cover is designed specifically for yourKindle Touch and secures your device without any hinges or straps. Simply place your Kindle into the form-fitted interior of the cover and then gently press the device into place.
Read Comfortably with One Hand
Reading with the cover on, you can easily access Kindle’s home button and power switch, while the rounded edges offer a perfect fit in your hands. The reading light is easily accessible when the cover is open and the cover is designed to fold back, so you can read comfortably with just one hand.
On the Go

Thin, lightweight, and durable, this cover is perfect for taking Kindle Touch wherever you go. The stylish, genuine leather exterior and form-fitting interior provide ultimate fit and protection. You'll also never be without a reading light, and since the light draws its power from Kindle Touch, no batteries are needed.

Amazon's official Kindle Touch lighted leather cover features a genuine leather exterior and microfiber interior, and comes in four different colors.

Read Kindle easily in the dark with Amazon's revolutionary, all-new lighted leather cover.
Built-in connectors draw power from the Kindle device to power the integrated reading light.
Protect your Kindle Touch on the go, and never be without a reading light.

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 7.3 x 5 x 0.6 inches ; 5.4 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 5.6 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
  • Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.
  • ASIN: B004SD2562
  • Item model number: 515-1061-00
Amazon Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover, Black

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